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WA4PT Membership

The Association for Play Therapy (APT), WA4PT's parent organization, offers dual membership automatically when you become a member. Dual membership means that persons joining APT also become a member of your local APT branch. The purpose of dual membership is to increase collaboration and interaction between APT and its state branches - a partnership WA4PT supports.

WA4PT Member Benefits

1)  Reduced registration fees to our conferences, held in Spring and Fall! 

2)  FREE CE's at some of our networking and outreach events held throughout the year

3)  E-Newsletters with play therapy tips, events, and updates about our branch

4) We love engagement and we use our monthly newsletters and updates on social media to acknowledge the accomplishments of our branch members. So if you have any accomplishments, please share them with us! We also have started an awards program where our branch members can receive prizes for just being a part of our community!

5) Please follow us on social media to stay up to date in between our newsletters. We are actively on both Facebook and Instagram!

6) Community connections with not only Washington APT Branch, but we have been working hard to stay up to date and team with both Oregon and Idaho branches to expand conference options, networking and outreach opportunities!

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Are you interested in joining APT and the Washington branch?

We invite you to review a list of Member Benefits, then Join APT!!

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